J.A.R.G. - Kesselberg Legendary Racing

Tired of Star Roads and Colorful Power-Ups? This Game Will Have You Covered. No need for power-ups, level-up or tuning of cars. No Zombies, no stars, no careers, no bananas - Just Another Racing Game.

J.A.R.G. - Just Another Racing Game
DevLog on TIGSource
Website at flauchersfinest
Kesselberg Legendary Racing
Free Download on the AppStore and Google Play
Print Ad for INDEPENDENCE AMAZING, Gamescom 2014
Prototype - Kesselberg
Coaster / Beermat, Gamescom 2014
Indie Arena Booth, Gamescom Cologne 2014
High-resolution digital elevation data from airborne laser scanning will be used for the construction of the racetracks:
Geobasisdaten © Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung
"Kesselberg Legendary Racing" released on mobile platforms.
AppStore Icon
iPhone 6 mock-up
InGame Screenshot (Android Tablet)
InGame Screenshot (iPhone 6)
InGame Screenshot (iPhone 6)
InGame Screenshot (iPhone 6)
Options Menu: HUD, Speaker, Steering and Restart. (iPhone 6 screenshot)
Tutorial screen showing controls for drifting. (iPhone 6 screenshot)
Localized AppStore Cover (iPhone 6 Plus)
iPad AppStore screenshot
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